Yajanekka’s is a women based set-up, primarily to serve one purpose - revive the usage of ancient wholegrain - recipes and cooking methods from traditional Indian kitchen to prepare nutritious, wholesome and unadulterated snacks & savouries.

Our primary purpose led to a good cause - impart & provide skill and employment to women/men from economically weaker section!

The use of white/brown sugar, refined flour, additives/preservatives/chemicals, and artificial ingredients/flavors/colors is ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED in our products!

The orders (big/small) are handmade in small batches to keep it fresh, pure, authentic and homemade.

We aim to provide pure, organic, wholesome, nutritious snacks and savouries using 'ancient wholegrain'.

The product obviously is unadulterated and preservative/addictive free besides being prepared and packed in clean and hygienic environment. Almost 90% of the recipes are GLUTEN FREE.

We use ancient wholegrain like ragi, bajra, amaranth, sorghum, jau & jowar with absolutely NO USE of wheat/maida/rice/white or brown sugar.

The cooking method is procured from old school home kitchen to revive the dying age-old traditional recipes!

The biggest USP – cold pressed groundnut oil is used just ONCE for shallow frying!

As reusing cooking oil increases the cholesterol, creates peroxides acid, causes cancer, attacks organ cells and can infect the white blood cells, we strictly USE it only ONCE for shallow frying henceforth discarding it!.

The combination of each ancient grain and spices along with it is based on its respective ayurvedic properties, which complement each other to bring out its intrinsic wholesome flavor and taste!

The ingredients used in our snacks & savouries serve the purpose of increasing the fiber content and lowering the water weight, improving cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, controlling blood pressure along with its high anti-oxidants (free radicals are unstable molecules that can damage cells) & anti-inflammatory properties!

We make 4 variaties of snacks –

» OATS nimki » QUINOA chai puri
» BARLEY nimki » MILLET chai puri

We have 4 variations of laddoos -

» SESAME (Til-Gud-Sonth) » Amaranth laddoo

Dry dates, Jaggery & coconut sugar are used for sweetening along with choicest and premium quality nuts and seeds i.e. mamra almonds, grade 1 cashews, kashmiri walnut, pista and anjeer etc.

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